Nov 2017

Interview about Phantom Limb Pain VR
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Jul 2016

Clinical trials started /
VR Rehabilitation System for Phantom Limb Pain
collaboration with University of Tokyo Hospital

May 2015

KIDS co.,ltd launched

Jun 2014

NPO Mission ARM Japan
Community for upper limb disabilities
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Aug 2011

Fumihiko Fukui Tribute Concert
my late grandfather concert in Sendai Tohoku on 20th August.
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May 2011

"What should car designers do?"
holding a workshop to bring out children potential
please join us
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April 2011

start teaching CG-Concept in Digital Hollywood University
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June 2010

Tribar EV
published in a life style magazine called "Sublime" in UK
article on Transforming urban transport

Apr 2010

start teaching Alias Car Design in HAL Tokyo

Nov 2009

Grand Design Initiative 
We launched Design NPO in Tokyo
for urban development to improve living qualities

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Nov 2009

FbD Concept 
published in a child educational textbook
called "Dream Machines" in USA
25 future vehicles selected among recent designs

Jun 2009 Previous Site
Nov 2008 Landscape Project   Japanese garden design
Aug 2008 Honda Project  Next generation sports sedan Accord
Jun 2008 Daihatsu Project  Daihatsu redesign Move
May 2008 Landscape Project  Chelsea Flower Show 2008 (help)

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Jan 2008 Daihatsu Project  Daihatsu concept car
Jan 2008 Winner in Michelin Design Challenge 2008  FbD Concept
Displayed at NAIAS, Detroit

Click: Michelin Challenge Design 2008
Sep 2007 Winners in Interior Motives Awards 2007  Rebel
- Best Personalisation : Winner
- Best Lifestyle Interior : Winner
- Best Use of Ambient Lighting : Finalist

Click: Interior Motives Awards 2007
Sep 2007 Renew Site  moved to
Sep 2007 Renew Folio  added - FbD 5 Movies
Sep 2007 Finalist / Michelin Challenge Design 2008
Aug 2007 Finalist / Interior Motives Awards 2007
Aug 2007 Second Winner / Corus Awards 2006

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Aug 2007 Finalist / Interior Motives Awards 2006  
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Aug 2007 First Update