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+ Automotive
   - FbD Concept
   - Rebel
   - Triber EV
   - Mazda Tonbo 2020
   - Nissan Micra
   - Common
+ Architecture
   - K-road
   - Big Heart IZUMO
   - BayStage SHIMODA
   - Dune Museum
   - Large Floating Airport
   - Katsura Rikyu CG
+ LandScape
   - RES

RES Garden 2008
- Contemporary garden with Japanese taste
- Collaboration with Studio Lasso UK

focused on the seasonal change of nature, having Japanese maples as a main structure of the garden, providing dark purple-red leaves that turn fiery red in autumn and also closed spaces with benches featuring the history of the building to make calm.
The reconstructed garden could change to a place of recreation and relaxation.


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